Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Appleseed Ex-Machina Toys and Trailers!!!

Briareos_Deunan_01 400x536

If you haven't seen the first Appleseed movie, do yourself a favor and get a copy right now. It's one of my all time favorite anime and one of the coveted movies that gets on my "Stranded on Island" list. Hopefully sometime early in 2008, we will get the DVD of the sequel, Appleseed Ex-Machina. Check out this cool trailer....

EXMACHINA_02 400x540

I'm a fan of movie, but have never been a fan of 12" toys. The so called 1/6 scaled figures. Dunno why. I used to have 12" GI Joe's and marveled at the detailed little guns and holsters and all that. I am amazed at the level of detail you have these days with 1/6 figures, but never was that interested in collecting them. But toy pollination has an interesting effect. Just like Andy over at ToysRevil may get the Kaiju itch once in a while, visiting his blog (where I first spied these toys) has prompted several looks and thoughts about obtaining my first 1/6 toy. I mean look at the complete bad-assness of Briareos in his 1/6 glory. Very hard to resist....thanks Andy.....!

Briareos_02 400x533

ref4-8832 400x533

Deunan_01 400x533

ref3-8832 400x533

Briareos_Deunan_03 400x533

Deunan_03 400x533

page-8832 400x533

Deunan_04 400x533

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Anonymous said...

Dude, I so preordered these guys. I'm not a huge fan of the new appleseed stuff(strangely), but Hot Toys doesn't mess around from what I've heard, and these are the best 1/6 action dolls I've ever seen at this price point. Like the show or not, these are just too bad-ass not to pick up! I hope they're as stunning in person as they are in the pics--if not better!

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