Sunday, November 25, 2007

Touma Exhibition at Mixi-Bang!!!

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Sadly, I was not able to make the Touma Show at Mixi-Bang in Pasadena a couple of weeks ago, but lucky enough to catch a few of the left over figures and the exhibit itself while down in LA visiting family for Thanksgiving. I guess i'm thankful for that!

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It was a pretty serious show as not only was there at least five production toys available: (Pink and Orange Mao Cat, Clear Blue Skuttle X and Touma's new Black and Orange Papitz), but just a TON of customs including a rainbow selection of custom Papitz's, Skuttle and Skuttle X, Mao Cats, Masks and paintings!!

All of the custom Mao Cats below sold, but there a few custom Lucha Libre-style masks available for your Mao Cat at $140 each....

IMG_0215 400x299

IMG_0214 400x299

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Touma's new sculp is called Papitz and you can lift up it's head to reveal it's teeth. Kinda cool! About half of these custom Papitz's are left at $150 each.

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Then Touma went all out and did these glitterati Papitz customs at a bling, bling price tag of $400 each!!

IMG_0183 400x299

IMG_0224 400x533

IMG_0223 400x533

IMG_0222 400x533

IMG_0221 400x533

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My favorite Touma sculp has to be the Skuttle. Touma customized a set of Skuttle and SkuttleX in a candy coated selection of colors. I'm a big fan and it killed me not to be able to pick up any of these beauties as they were only $135 each...

IMG_0201 400x299

IMG_0200 400x299

IMG_0193 400x533

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Let's not forget the original artwork!! Touma continued the glitter theme in his paintings too. My favorite is this Knucklebear. The colors are rad, but it has a lot of texture to it as well.

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