Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cure Overseas Limited Edition Boogie Man!!!

IMG_1201 400x599

This is the 2nd Cure Boogie Man to be released and I gotta say this figure is pretty rad. I think it was a Toy Tokyo exclusive, but for some reason that deal fell apart and it's now the "Overseas Limited Edition". Funny, cause the header card says "NYC Limited Edition". Anyways, when I first saw pictures of the figure, I was afraid it was like a 9" standard size figure which would be too large for my collection, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it's a 7" figure. It has a ton of detail and personality for a figure this size from the paint application to the clothing, mask and the little chains on it's arms and legs. Great figure to add to your collection...

IMG_1204 400x599

IMG_1203 400x599

IMG_1198 400x599

IMG_1207 400x599

IMG_1208 400x599

IMG_1211 400x599

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