Sunday, November 11, 2007

Andy Heng's Custom Black Ops Dunny!!

1903849504_7c6d13b1c3 400x468

Legendary toy blogger Andy Heng over at ToysREvil created this sick custom 3" Dunny for a charity auction for a Children's Cancer Fund. C'mon, how much more noble can you get? I'm digging it big time so I put in a bid. If you like it and wanna outbid me for the sake of Children's Cancer, please be my guest. You can be a hero over at Check out more pics of this bad ass custom at ToysRevil

1902876275_9e0d8bce40 400x184

1903849476_d785423777 400x316

1913968618_d883154156 400x304

1902876245_b2d30d4f65 400x192

1 comment:

toysrevil said...

you're too, too kind, Kirkland! many thanks for the support bro :))))

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