Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Super 7 Halloween Monster Mash Customs!!!

1470859164_1547534609 400x533

More pics of some very tempting customs flowing in for Saturday's Halloween Monster Mash Custom Show at Super7. Above is LASH's custom Secret Base Obake Ghost.

Below, the all new Beetlar Super 7 Exclusive!!

beetlar2 400x460

How about Paul Kaiju's festive Halloween RealxHead Set?

pk2 400x215

Kiyoka from Gargamel camo Majin Bander is sweet!!

kiyoka2 400x533

Check out this insane trio of customs from the mash-up imagination of Bob Conge

Conge _3 400x430

Halloween 07 _2 400x386

Conge 1 400x489

Insane interpretation of Kaws Companion by Kathie Olivas

kathie_kaws_b 400x645

Hopefully a new Steven the Bat colorway by Bwana Spoons available at the show

red_steven_b 400x325

Custom Pumpkin Dokuwashi by Leecifer

lee_doku_b 400x586

Knock you over the head resin art by LeMerde

le_merde_b 400x485

yeah so as you can see, don't miss this show!!!

monster_mash 400x563

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