Monday, October 29, 2007

Toy Tokyo x RealxHead Exclusive Mutant Evil!!


Sorry I haven't been posting. Just got back from Spain. Camera was stolen, so no pictures to share.....bummer. But have a few nic nacs to show you later....Barcelona is a great city.


Lev over at Toy Tokyo is catching the RealxHead bug....Today marks the 2nd RealxHead x Toy Tokyo exclusive figure. This time we have a pink Mutant Evil which is one of my favorite RxH sculps. It matches an old school Chaos colorway so they should look pretty sweet together (not that I own the Chaos)...I'm looking forward to more TT x RxH exclusives. Thanks to Lev and Lalon for hooking up us collectors that don't live in NYC with phone orders.

Sweet icing on the cake was LASH's RealxHead customs on sale at TT today as well. Four in all. I think some of LASH's best work....great photography too!! I would have purchased all four if I could.....amazing...!!!





Bummed you missed out? ok, head back to Toy Tokyo for this Secret Base x Balzac "5 Years Later" event! You've got Bats with Bags and GID Trick or Treat parts to eat!! Monday from 6pm-9pm EST.....


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