Friday, October 05, 2007

Toy Roadshow Portland Part 3 of 3: Missing Link!!!


The final stop on the Portland edition of the toybot studios Toy Roadshow is Missing Link. Located on a very cool part of town, it kinda reminded me of a smaller, more granola Melrose Avenue with the cool little stores, record shops, bars and restaurants. The area has a nice, warm vibe going on.

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When I first entered Missing Link, I dismissed it as another Kid Robot clone with is standard fare of western vinyl that you see at every other "Designer" toy store. To my surprise, they had a selection of non-western vinyl including Secret Base and Gargamel. Any store that carries Base and Gargamel is OK in my book. Of the three Portland toy stores visited, Missing Link was the only store that carried new Kaiju. But don't forget that Bwana's Grasshut Corp. and Moshi Moshi were both closed that day. Missing Link is definitely worth a visit if you're in Portland.

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