Monday, October 01, 2007

New Gargamel Dragamel and Mini Zag!!

MiniZag_cl2 400x533

Ohhhhh, man...!!! In the next batch of Gargamel to hit the shores in a couple of months, we have two new colorways of some interesting toys. Starting with the obvious, a matching clear mini zag to the SDCC and Thrashout 3rd Anniversary standard zag. This is gonna make the kiddies go krazy!! Looks like it will come with an insert too! Rad! Then we have a very interesting and cool pink/red colorway for the large Dragamel. I like it, but I want it in the mini dragamel format.

MiniZag_cl3 400x533

MiniZag_cl1 400x533

Dragamel_tim1 400x533

Dragamel_tim2 400x533

What about this Rumble Monsters x Gargamel Mini Damnedron to match your 3rd Anniversary full size Damnedron? Gotta be crazy not to cop this....

Mini Demnedron

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