Thursday, October 04, 2007

Erostika x Rumble Monsters Pharaohs "Summer Sunset" Preview!!!

top_sunset 400x171

Autumn is approaching so it's time for the fourth and last edition of the Erostika x Rumble Monsters Four Seasons series. Fall is represented by "Summer Sunset" Pharaoh in a clear tangerine flavor. Very nice....

l04 400x609

top_rjb 400x171

Now for a nice surprise. If you were cool enough and dedicated throughout the seasons and didn't miss any of them, you are invited to purchase a special RJB Custom 1st Clear version which is the Summer Sunset version painted. I like surprises and I like painted clear toys. yummy. Only available to those that purchased all four versions. Sorry....

rjb1st_side 400x638

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