Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Plaseebo x Daniel Goffin Night Gamer Chapter 2 Edition..!

Plaseebo x Goffin Nightgamer

Plaseebo is pleased to offer an Ultra Limited NIGHT GAMER edition of just 7 pieces created by Daniel Goffin of Kassel Germany.

Each 6 1/2" high vinyl figure is customized by Daniel hand sculpting and painting his unique vision of the original Night Gamer. Features include, altered head with multiple glass eyes, an internal color changing motion activated LED unit and a unique plush toy animal suit. These are signed by Daniel on the base of the feet.

The edition will be offered via the Plaseebo web-shop on Monday January 24th for $375 each.

Plaseebo x Goffin Nightgamer

Daniels customs were inspired by his take on Chapter 2 of the Night Gamers backstory, as follows:

"NIGHT GAMERS" Chapter 2 copyright bob Conge 2006

Those arriving here during daylight hours quickly realized their delicate pink skin would not tolerate the more intense infrared rays of the Sun in our Universe. While the NIGHT GAMERS had no need of clothing, as we know it, in their parallel Universe, it became clear they would need some sort of protection while here.

After spending the afternoon in the shade of a hollow tree, the two NIGHT GAMERS went in search of food as night fell and stopped to drink from a garden of morning glories that had been coaxed open by the full moon. Nectar was the only food source they had ever known and having no need to consume any living plant or animal served to reenforce their Buddhist view of life as they moved through the environment disturbing as little as possible with the belief they should encounter all things in the order that life experience would present them.

The pair left the garden fully fueled with faces covered in bright yellow pollen and found their way that first moon lit night to a toy factory in the outskirts of a small town located in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York.

As luck or faith would have it, this toy factory was known throughout the country for its Teddy Bears and upon gliding through an open second story window, the pair could see illuminated in the cool lunar light these furry creatures in various stages of completion lying on the long wooden assembly tables.

Hovering above a section of the wide table they looked down at the flat furry, yet to be filled brown suits. Slipping into their new duds they found the bears eye covers had yet to be painted allowing them to see perfectly through the clear lenses. They had only to retract their probes for a perfect fit.

Having been a rather eventful day and night they curled up in a very comfy half full box of finished Teddy Bears and soon drifted off into dreams of their homeland Earth.

Plaseebo x Goffin Nightgamer

illustrations by John Kastner copyright 2006

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