Monday, January 24, 2011

RESTORE to Produce Soft Vinyl DEBRIS JAPAN...!!!

Wow, our man Luke in Japan from Lulubell Toys tells us that one of my favorite artists and resin toy makers is taking his awesome DEBRIS JAPAN Oni figure and making a soft vinyl version..!!! That's right Junnosuke Abe of RESTORE will be making Sofubi...!! Luke says it's still very early but maybe the size will be around 5-6" inches tall. The toy might even come with accessories...! Luke will be giving us updates throughout the process so check back here often. This sounds like one of the biggest toys of 2011..!!

Here is the original resin DEBRIS JAPAN. Only a couple of inches tall. Check out that detail..! More pictures HERE
RESTORE Oni Mini Resin


Anonymous said...

Didn't know about him till now :) The oni looks like something I would want to buy and Babel looks even more spectacular!


toybot studios said...

Hi Ed,
yeah, Junnosuke is really an amazing artist. His mini resins are the best. I can't believe he packs in that much detail. My other favorit mini resin is the Skull Pope. Has that Usugrow vibe going on .



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