Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Custom Mongolion by Drilone


Drilone applies his signature rust and weathered treatment to the Mongolion for the upcoming 1-Off Custom Toy Show at Super 7.

Although similar to L'amour Supreme's Bronze Patina one-off from SDCC 2009 and the subsequent Factory Handpaint Release, Dril's version has a bit more detail around the armor, skull and teeth. You can already see that this version is also textured like rust and has a flat matte finish.

One-Off from SDCC 2009
Lamour Supreme @ SDCC 2009

Factory Handpaint Version 2010
L'amour Supreme Factory Handpaints from S7

1 comment:

Limited Ed. said...

That Drilone custom is sick! The first Mongolion I have seen so far that looks the way it should.

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