Tuesday, January 18, 2011

About that Revoltech ZONE of ENDERS Figure...!

Fan of one of the best shooters on the PS2? Wondering when there will be a Zone of Enders 3 on the PS3? Well you're gonna have to wait on both accounts, but at least for the Revoltech figure, the waiting is almost over. If you're not satisified with the Iron Line of Barrels toys, all your clickedy dreams will come true in April when Zone of Enders hits the Revoltech line. Personally pretty stoked about this and looking forward to other characters from the game such as Anubis.

Check out these pics via Toy Ark

Revoltech-Zone-Of-Enders-Jehuty-03_1295134737 400x623

Revoltech-Zone-Of-Enders-Jehuty-04_1295134737 400x547

Revoltech-Zone-Of-Enders-Jehuty-06_1295134737 400x641

Revoltech-Zone-Of-Enders-Jehuty-10_1295134737 400x396

Revoltech-Zone-Of-Enders-Jehuty-09_1295134737 400x366

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