Saturday, January 08, 2011

Gargamel 2011 Lucky Bags Revealed..!

Gargamel 2011 Lucky Bags

Gargamel 2011 Lucky Bags are here..! Here are two of the variants from Harmond and Useless Toys from Skullbrain. I definitely like the bag above better. Mainly for the Large Deathra. $300 bones and Pretty much all sold out now. Gargamel is recession

Bryce compiled the list:

so it looks like there are 15 total regular figures to find:
large deathra
gid large zag
blue mini Bako
green Randal
grey/pink Tokoichi Seiju
green bird
pink bird
clear purple crouching zag
brown crouching zag
hawaii crouching deathra
clear pink crouching deathra
black crouching mibora
GID crouching mibora
pink micro zag, bird, or ooze bat

Gargamel 2011 Lucky Bags

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