Friday, January 21, 2011

We-Stuff Need More Ni-Stuff....!!

Ni-Stuff x Onell Week 4
The Celestial Squadron #47:
These beings are soldiers of another galactic power similar to "The Crew". The "Celestial Squadron" are a growing power in the far 68th sector of Yahl'f space. The main difference between this Galactic power and others is that all races mechanical, organic and otherwise are welcome in the "Celestial Squad".

Damn, Week Four Nistuff x Onell custom figures went fast..! All gone..!

Oldwar Seekers:
These mindless killers were created by the Clack in the second OldWar of the 481 universe to eradicate pure blood organics on sight. They are built with organic infrared heat sensing technology designed to seek out the "lesser" races. The Seekers have anatomical disrupting blasters that de-molecularize the organics that receive the blast, phasing them into pure energy. Once the organics are converted into a cloud of energy the seekers absorb the floating power. These Seekers are not just efficient killers but they are 100% powered by their kills making them need to keep killing in order to stay in working order.
Ni-Stuff x Onell Week 4

Week Three Figures all sold out too!

The Cosmic Walkers:
There is a transporter story whispered on the long journeys across space. It involves beings that were created by the ancients. These beings are in complete control of the elements in the 481 universe. The Cosmic walkers are rumored to wander this universe balancing the teetering impurities caused by the elements they represent. Among these walkers there are, Light, Temperature, Growth, Compassion and Mysticism just to name a few.
Ni-Stuff x Onell Week 4

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