Monday, January 31, 2011

Kaiju Coup Warui Inu Lottery

warui_Inu_g 400x483

This bad dog is the best friend of Boryoku Genjin and all other kaiju whose mothers wont let them live in the house. The Warui Inu will be offered by email lottery. He is 7" high and 4" wide cast resin. Only this one of a kind blue and purple handpaint is available. It comes with a concrete block and metal chain and color art header. $250. shipped in the US, international shipping additional.

Email your name and address to: to enter lottery to purchase Warui Inu. The winner name will be chosen at random on Saturday FEBRUARY 5th. bbb 1954

warui_Inu_e 400x533

warui_Inu 400x406

front and center 400x484

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