Monday, January 03, 2011

Introduction to INNER MONSTERS Participating Artists: Nenkeishi Sunaga Kentarou

Spirit of God, evil spirits of rivers and mountains alien monster from his youth idols Of a strong yearning to be uncertain whether there had been molding clay, etc.. The sculpture major in college and unable to tackle the challenge with excitement, 通Wanaku be too much.

Some seek a plastic material to go to the hardware store or art supply store one hundred yen uniform on a daily basis, Attribute with the string and the large and vivid colors of wool, acrylicSince moving to the good compatibility with the attributes of the wire Who continue to come out the Hitogata like devised a unique approach. Form called the genre of sense,

Has the shape like a human translation Sunaga Kentarou schoolmaster claimed to be feeling the way his mentor, The reason that people make is not to imitate, Aims to present a vision of the supernatural from childhood longing for him to make too. The proprietary production techniques at all, leave your masterpiece 位置付Ketai also a line any other stereolithography. Eeriness with what is called dolls, cuteness suspicious, is obscene, hate the image. The artist's brain works? Mind? Ulterior motives and a variety of thoughts from the soul the making that is infused by a sense. Onmyoji want to be like in Japan (usually invisible demon puppet man, they do various things.) Want to be like Western alchemists (previously established by science, life forms had to 生Mi出Sou way of reason in a minute.) The 芸道 schoolmaster-and martial arts school has a legitimate authority as it inherits the house to protect the arts. Moreover, their status or that person. Form of ulterior motive year form now speak sense

Born 12/18 1981
Private school star high school in March 2000
Tamagawa University Sculpture Department, Faculty of Arts Entrance April 2000
Graduated from Faculty of Arts, Sculpture, Tamagawa University, March 2004
Goods in April 2004) included entry Scholarship Institute puppet puppet whole school taken
Goods, April 2006) provided laboratory school puppet puppet whole taken
Assignment of the art studio Ltd. in April 2006 he joined Nova
He left Nova Studios Ltd. October 2008

** Exhibition **
Musashino Art University, Building 9 Mon exhibition 10 2003 B2 inhabit underground passage
Mon 12 2003 club MIX Aoyama Group Exhibition
Mon Ginza 2 2007 GK Group Exhibition
Bruno J. Global National Solo yarn shop in December 2007
Volume Bruno Bruno Solo Yarn 2.3 弐 2008 Mon UPLINKgallery Shibuya
See Bruno Bruno hooked yarn winding wound Shinzyuku Mon 4 2008 The ArtcomplexCenter of Tokyo
New award winning doll artist Ginza 8 2008 ART BOXgallery Mon
Join Competition Exhibition Mon 200 811 9 2008 Be in Meiji Park Shinzyuku ART COMPEX The ArtcomplexCenter of Tokyo; Audience Award
Yokohama Sakuragi-cho bustle seat Alice in Wonderland scenography Hall Mon 11 2008 B2
National Chikyuya anime screenings, April 2009
Over four hundred times the volume Shinzyuku J. Bruno Solo Bruno Mon yarn 4 2009 The ArtcomplexCenter of Tokyo
5 Nakameguro Gallery Bar Solo sense hanami May 2009
Group Exhibition Mon 6 2009 JAPAN SELECTION AGgallery brooklyn NY
09 Festival Village livestock decorative light Kanagawa space lab in August 2009
Tiba Huttsu 18 July 2010 Furairaumu stay Production
Yoshi sense Makii Masaru Fine Arts Group Exhibition, September 2010

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