Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MONSTOCK x Nick Hero Devil King Burial New Figure..!!

MONSTOCK x Nick Hero
MONSTOCK x Nick Hero

NICK ★ HERO series finished in a refined image of the 1980s based on food toys myth Mr. Solomon! Belial is the first step is the most popular series among the demons of Solomon!

[Devil King] Burial
King Solomon of ancient demons had once causation. The idol that he sealed the evil ones [] he Solomon Magic Treasure. That will unleash the demons from the treasure in his native magic spells and magic of the written somewhere in the world .... Burial of King Solomon Genie Magic Treasure [1] Genie pillar. King is a mighty and powerful ranking No. 68, leads a legion of 80. Was damaged while the wing of the Devil because of fallen angels, the minutes, because of increased 片角 magic has been enlarged.

Devil Kings Burial ① (yellow) is about 8cm ¥ 840
21:00 hours 18 January 2011 22:00 Lottery - 00 minutes on January 23.

Within the acceptance period monstock_2@yahoo.co.jp

Your name
Mobile phone number

Product Name. Please send us more like no omission. Title "Shop like yellow Burial" Please fill this.

Orders can not be together with other products.Please register by type Required. Omissions, the difference here is the address to accept the title.

The products for this product in stock at any time after production, can not be flexible enough to pass the shop.
We will only mail I am sorry. This soft vinyl products are sold by lottery. After the final cancellation order was not available. I refuse to sell customers after the cancellation.

Mail order customers to our shop we only person who can acknowledge the above.

Thank you.

Additionally, please contact us directly to the shop during business hours if you have any questions.

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Anonymous said...

Always wanted to blog on Monstock stuff but google mangles the translation. I love the Chameleons. :)

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