Monday, January 17, 2011

Vintage 80's Craptastic Toys: Under World Warriors via WEIRDO TOYS

Underworld Warriors

Thanks to LASH and Plastic Hunter on Skullbrain, i've discovered a really cool site for interesting toys called Weirdo Toys. Weirdo Toys is the home for all those random toys that most people have left behind. This site is dedicated to showcasing the quirky, neat, bizarre, sometimes forgotten and downright ugly toys that I’ve stumbled upon. Whether it’s a fleamarket, dollar store, garage sale or a toystore, they all contribute to the ever-growing population of weirdo toys.

Plastic Hunter then pointed out these really cool skeleton figures called Under World Warriors. Check out this voyage to discovery as Weirdo Toys does the research to find out the origins of these quirky and un-sung toys from the 80's.

Underworld Warriors

Underworld Warriors


Justin said...

Hey! Thanks for the Weirdo Toys love. I've been a fan of this blog for a while, so it's cool to see the mention.

I'm actually working on a more complete Underworld Warriors blog entry too. I've found them all and an example of their stay tuned.

toybot studios said...

hey Justin...! thanks man! I noticed the shout out to TBS on your blog roll so thank you. i'll create a banner for Weirdo Toys as well...!

looking forward to more info on the UW toys..!

Anonymous said...

Weirdo Toys is always fun. Not updated often enough, but the updates are always worth the wait.

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