Friday, January 07, 2011

NISTUFF x Onell Design 8 Weeks of Custom Madness.. Week 2...!!


via: NISTUFF Glyos Hub

The Cursed Pulsers:
These organics supposedly grew too obsessed with a rumored power stone that is shrouded in mystery and quite a few tall tales. As a result they suffer from a debilitating skin disease, it often pulsates, glows and flakes off while leading their everyday life. They sadly gained no powers from this rumored stone, if in fact there is a stone at all. They could just be abusing phase technology in an attempt to ascend to a higher level.

Mini Scrappers:
These miniature mash-ups of random junk are the lowest of the low. They are created to do menial labor, labor that is to dangerous or otherwise just below their masters. They are programed to take orders and recharge when not on duty. Essentially they are a perfect slave race with a great balance of efficiency and durability. The mini scrappers are used by 90% of organizations in the 481 universe.

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