Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pico Pico's Mecha School Girl Resin Figure..!!

IMG_1450 400x533

Luke from Lulubell Toys:
Stopped by Pico Pico's studio and snapped a few sneak peeks of his new resin figure. She makes her debut at Billiken Shokai's new group show this week.There is no doubt that the man can sculpt but this little cutie really stands out. Not one hundred percent sure on final price but it's looking like 50,000 yen for painted, 25,000 for rub and 10,000 raw. If you are in Tokyo get to this show.

Thanks Luke..! Let's see this figure in vinyl..!! Machine Girl anyone?

PicoPico Mecha School Girl

PicoPico Mecha School Girl

PicoPico Mecha School Girl

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