Monday, January 31, 2011

NISTUFF x Onell Design 8 Weeks of Custom Madness... Week 5...!!

is-ngh-fhero-lightb-2 400x341
Fallen Heroes Wave Two:
Before Battle every Crew member is told to come back in one piece or many. These heroes chose the less glamorous of the two options. Their battle damaged bodies reforged through the power of phase limb replacement technology these heroes will fight another day.

Here is Week Five of the Eight Weeks of Custom Madness between NISTUFF and Onell Design. As of this post, there are still Fallen Heroes Wave Two above available atGlyos Hub

Styre's Robotic Reanimated Abominations:
"Phase limb replacement technology is expensive and in most cases unreliable. With these Abominations I've decided to go with highly outdated ROBOTIC replacement limbs. These RRA's are an effective guard unit being immune to fear and other deterring emotions thanks to the Abom serum #63. Just because something is outdated doesn't mean it is without purpose."
is-ngh-rra-lightb-2 400x351

Doctor Nolvur's Gobonic Experiments:
"The Powerful Gobon gendrone is an effective killing machine once you get past its harmless appearing exterior. I intended to raise its killing potential ten fold through three different forms of enhancements, Phase technology, Elemental infusion and Organic grafting. None of them met my expectations but each changed the base being for the better if I do say so myself."
is-ngh-gobex-lightb-1 400x329

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