Monday, January 31, 2011

New Monster Kolor Paints...!!

A Juicy one for February !. 1 oz bottle of "Kissed", A pinkish, purpleish color with micro pearl metallic. Also includes a 1/2 oz bottle of "Firecracker Pearl" as a chaser. Unlimited possibilities.....

Many of us use Monster Kolor for our custom toys. And for good reason: you can airbrush straight out of the bottle, it lays down beautfifully and comes in rainbow of opaque and transparent colors. Combine with the super gloss clear coat and have the makings for a very professional looking toy. Some have commented that with the accessibility of Monster Kolor, now all toys will look the same. I disagree as even using similar colors and the use of glitter, color-changing flakes and glossy clear coat, each artist still have their own twist to make their toys look their own.

The choices at Monster Kolor are even greater with the new "Kolor of the Month". Try them all out.

"Moon Dust": Unexplainable pearl color that contrasts into a subtle prizm of cosmic colors !.Rumored to glisten in the moon light ?????
moondust 400x319

"Over Easy". 1 oz luscious golden yellow with micro metallic mixed in. Sure to keep your toys looking unique ! Clear Coat recommended for maximum effect.
broken-yoke 400x325

New Vividtone colors. Very bright to say the least. 1 oz kit contains vivid pink,yellow,orange,white and Clear Coat setup. White is recommended for brightest result.
Vividtone-ad-web 400x400

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