Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hipsters Will Not Escape MISHKA This Friday...!!


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Nicholas Gazin is a twenty-seven year old Brooklyn-based furball who fancies himself a jack of all trades and does all sorts of creative activities in order to stave off boredom and starving. He serves Vice Magazine as their comics editor and has also been writing, photographing and illustrating in their service for a few years. He’s also our copywriter and one of our regular illustrators. He/I wrote this very thing you’re reading now! Trippy!!! His connection to the music scene has led to him creating shirts, posters and album artwork for his favorite bands. He recently started doing the art for Scion’s sponsored garage rock shows and designed the vinyl records and T-shirt for Jay Reatard’s Shatter Records Fan Club releases.

No Escape is Nicholas’s second solo art show and is about the same thing most art shows are about: alienation, the life of an artist, how it feels to live in a place. The title directly refers to the grim realities of being a “creative professional” or an “artist” and living in New York. The pressure to produce consistently good work is draining. The high costs of living in New York, the violence and the filth make you want to move in with your parents and abandon your responsibilities. The world seems like it’s on the brink of apocalypse or at least devastating economic collapse. There are no other options and there’s no turning back at this point. The world sucks and there’s no escape.

Friday January 28th, 7-10pm
350 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

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