Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bullmark Reproductions at Lulubell Toys

Funny, I was just thinking about tracking down the vintage version of this awesome missle firing Mecha Godzilla...

via:Lulubell Toys

Bullmark, best known for their issues of classic Japanese kaiju characters in the 60's & 70's, officially stopped producing in 1977, but remained involved with M1 & Bandai, producing licensed re-issues which became highly coveted, and also highly priced! Bullmark is releasing re-issues from thier original molds, which means accessibility for many fans who were previously dissuaded from collecting their favorite classics due to them being cost prohibitive.

We are excited to offer the first 3 figures up for production on pre-order today: 2 colorways in the 15" Mechagodzilla2, and also a 9" King Tortas! Find them on the home page today - but don't sleep - pre-orders are due January 14th!

****Please note - Bullmark's current ETA on these is Feb/March.****

Bullmark Repros

Bullmark Repros

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