Saturday, January 08, 2011

New Toy Company spotted: Iluilu Iruiru for Super Festival

iluiluilu for Super FEstival

Spotted a new toy designer today and am pretty damn excited about these guys. The name is interesting enough: Iluilu Iruiru. Thanks to Mondocoyote for the info. Don't ask me how to pronounce as I have no idea. Their designs are retro yet refreshing. I like the colorways too. The Neo Gorillas come in trick military uniforms and hold weapons of mass destruction in their hands. The box art is retro.

Tokyo Mystery Man has that retro Microman/Henshin Cyborg vibe going on.
iluiluilu for Super FEstival

Urban Monsters. Look like owls. they are finger puppets.
iluiluilu for Super FEstival

iluiluilu for Super FEstival

No word yet on US distribution, but hoping somebody like Lulubell will hook us up.

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Bebop Designs said...

Oh I like this guys stuff too! Hell If Lulubell doesn't carry this I'd be willing to open a shop just to have some. Love the Tanks!

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