Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Tachikoma Previews!!!


I'm very happy to report that toy manufacturer Wave is going to be producing a set of Tachikomas along with the main characters from GiTS "Stand Alone Complex". Pretty sure these are not kits, but completed action figures. At $45 bucks each, they better be action figures! There looks to be four versions: Matoko with a dark blue Tachikoma, Batou with a lighter blue Tachikoma, Yamaguchi with the yellow utility version and their commander old guy with this very interesting silver flat Tachikoma. The silver one is the most interesting of the crowd. Although I haven't been keeping up with SAC, I have never seen this design before. Since i'm already getting the "Perfect Piece" Tachikoma, I'm gonna bail on the other three here and probably pre-order the silver one. The first figure ships in March. Unfortunately for me (and you), the silver one doesn't ship until next June. Gawd, that's a long time away from now! If you're into Ghost in the Shell (who isn't?), pre-order from the reliable guys at BigBadToyStore




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