Friday, November 03, 2006

Super 7 x Secret Base: "Ghoul's Night Out" Bag Man 3 of 5


halloween set: BxBxB BAG MAN

The third of five figures for Halloween 2006, the Bag Man comes in a special silkscreened bag with a special pin. If you collect all five pins, the set of five pins will be redeemable for a free bonus figure. Each figure in the Halloween set will be released on the following Saturday for a total of five Saturdays, ending on November 18th.

The Bag Man will be released on Saturday, November 4th, at 11:00 am PST when the Super7 store opens. Those in attendance will be the first to buy, after that, the figures will be available for phone and web orders. There are no holds or pre-orders. $65 per figure. - 415.409.4700

I'm a fan of the underated Bag Man, but the reason why I like this particular Bag Man is the sick black bag. Other versions have a tan or...paper bag colored bag which makes sense, but not not as cool as this black bag! The hands look like black gloves which round out the bad-ass look...

Pics from last week which was all about Ugly people....

The hardcore...

The dedicated...

Ugly People...

People getting Ugly...

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