Friday, November 17, 2006

New Skull Toys and EXOHEAD Pictures!!!


The Pachimon Summit was last weekend and the reports are that only six (6) of each colorway of the new Skull Toys were released. That's not a lot of toys. We have confirmation that here in the States, Super 7 will be getting these cool figs, but ETA is unknown at this time. Here are some new pictures of both the Skull Toys but more interestingly, new pics of the new "Skull Rex". There are two versions: Type-S "Marc" and Type-E, "Bolan". He names all his toys so i'm wondering if they are named after real people in his life. As you can see, the head of the Skull Rex flips open to reveal the skull head. Like previous EXOHEAD toys, the T-Rex skull is the helmet protecting in this case, another skull head! I'm super excited about these guys and can hardly wait until they get delivered State-side.

UPDATE: The super cool and apparently 70's rock afficionado Josh from CollectionDX noticed I was having problems putting names to the faces so he dropped a note below mentioning that these two EXOHEAD figures are named after Marc Bolan from the 70's Rock Band T-Rex! Very cool! Thanks Josh!


The Official Marc Bolan Fan Club







Anonymous said...

marc Boland was a member of 70s rock band T-Rex. Get it? - Josh

toybot studios said...


you rock! thanks man!

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