Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gotchamon Mini Figure Set Preview!!!


Here are some sneak peek previews of the insanely cool Gotchamon set of mini figures being produced for the WHF Toy Show in Japan this December. The best part is most of your favorite Japanese toy designers including BlobPus, Skull Toys, TTToy, Skull Head Butt, Sunguts and RealxHead will be contributing micro mini toy designs for this set. There will be thirteen candy-size mini figures in the set for 500 yen each. If this picture below showing the mini Skull Head Butt next to the full size version is any indication, these little nuggets of toy goodness will be around 2 inches tall! I am told these will be pretty tough to get a hold of so don't hold your breath and wait to open your wallet when they hit Yahoo Japan Auctions!





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Anonymous said...

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It is located at Westside Pavillion Mall near Westwood, I think that it would be worth it to stop by there because they have a selection of anime figures. It's not as big as Anime Jungle but they sell things there that Anime Jungle won't sell like the Naruto Action figure with the orange kyubi around it. And if you do like final fantasy action figures, they sell a very high quality figures there too so yeah...

Well hope everything's fine. I have been visiting your website recently and unfortunately, today is the very 1st day that I am able to post a comment since I didn't know how to post comment in your site before!

Your website is one hella good site for people who loves action figures!

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