Friday, November 10, 2006

Super 7 x Secret Base: "Ghoul's Night Out" Damage Brain 4 of 5


So here is the 4th Secret Base x Super 7 figure in the "Ghouls Night Out" Halloween Series. Forget that we are fast approaching the next holiday...luckily orange and black also work thematically with Thanksgiving! The Damage brain is a favorite Secret Base sculp so there were some pretty high expectations. I had already ruled out the possibility of any clear vinyl in this series, so we all had an inkling of what it would look like. Last week I was pleasantly surprised with the Bagman which I think is the best in the series so far with that bad ass sack on his head. When the Damage Brain hit Skullbrain tonight, there was a lot of chatter amongst the board members. Some liked it and a couple went through the trouble of showing what it might look like with different colored bandages. What do you think? Me? Oh, thanks for asking! I'm digging the Black bandages! Either way, the Brain still looks cool and it matches the rest of the set!! Two versions that the Damage Brain will NOT look like:

Ghostbuster busts out this version:

Ratcrtur responds with the glowhead:

Pictures from Last Week's release of the Bagman plus a couple of new Gargamel figs!!


Joshua and Isaac going deep with the 6XXL RFSO Shirts!!

Super 7's newest toy lackey...err...employee, Joe Bunny holding his first paycheck!!

New Gargamel Bloody Wheelbarrow Fight Figure. It's hard to see, but the silver body parts are translucent...and Bloody. Dope!!

New Gargamel necklace guy with sticker.

The cast so far from Ghouls Night Out!!!

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