Monday, November 20, 2006

Ocean BlobPus Revealed!!!


Ever since the Paul Kaiju show at Super 7 last June, I think i've been obsessed with this weird octopus looking monster called BlobPus. So much so, that I went out on a toy safari of sorts to get my hands on this clear purple version. Not sure what it is about this little guy that is so darn's short, has a belly, tentacles for arms and this big octopus looking noggin! Absolutely no redeeming qualities at all, yet I must have all versions! If I were to guess, I think it has something to do with it's compact size. He's less than 5 inches tall so he fits well into the rest of my collection. I also love the little skull he holds in his right hand. It's the details that count.


So when I had the chance to get this latest incarnation which I will dub "Ocean" BlobPus cause I don't know the real name, I jumped at it. He's got my two favorite colors all in one convenient package: Blue and purple and both metallic! The only thing that could have improved this situation is if he was clear vinyl and the tips of his extremities were still transparent. What was extra cool is that this BlobPus came in a set with the mini BlobPi in matching outfits! The BlobPi is also cool and carries a little flower rattle with a smiley face on it! Very cute! Lastly, the pair as you can see came in a little balsa wood boat for their adventures on the high seas! Funny, I kinda guessed the BlobPus family would be pretty adept swimmers...If you get the opportunity to get this set and you're even slightly into the sculp, I would do so! You won't regret it!





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