Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ghost in the Shell Fans Rejoice!!!!

Ghost in the Shell fans can rejoice as there seems to be a bounty of GiTS toys coming out in December. We have action figures, kits, die-cast, vinyl, pull-back and mini-figures ready to be pre-ordered!!!



Scott and the salty, yet venerable crew from Hobby Link Japan were at hand at the Tokyo Hobby Show recently and snapped up these new pics of the previously mentioned Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Tachikoma Action Figures from Wave as well as some other GiTS toys. Due out in March, 2007, you will have to wait a bit for them to come out and then pay $45 each!! Also above, you see another kit from Wave which is meant to mimick the "Optical Camouflauge" stealth technology. You can get this little kit for around $20 from HLJ as well.





Fewture is getting oldskool on GiTS fans with this soft vinyl Tachikoma figure. Looks to be highly detailed. I suspect it's around 5-6 inches across. Due out in December for around $55 before overseas shipping.




Next up we have this Sah...weeeet mini figure set from Organic: Tachikoma Collection trading figure series features six different Tachikoma units as seen in the "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" anime series with ball-jointed limbs for each unit plus a bonus part for completing an Arm Suit figure. The lineup include Uchikoma, New Tachikoma, Tachikoma, Tachi Silver, Tachi Blue, Tachi Yellow, Arm Suit, plus a secret item to trade and collect. Also due out in December for around $51, this set has already been pre-ordered!! You know how we love them mini figures!! My only complaint is that although they are slightly different, you essentially are getting 3 versions of same blue Tachikoma. I'm also not digging the yellow utility Tachikoma. I am very interested in the green Uchikoma, the Silver Tachi and the bonus Arm Suit!!!



Lastly, we have this little pull-back toy which looks like it's meant for cats to chase around the kitchen. You pull it back and it scurrys across the floor all Tachikoma-like. Cool and cute.


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