Friday, November 24, 2006

Pics From Kaiju Taro at the Gargamel Show in Japan!!


These pics came from Kaiju Taro and were from a Gargamel Show a ways back which showed the introduction of a couple of new mini figures including Biskup's Mini Doragamel. It is made from a special process mixing aluminum flakes into the clear vinyl. The sculp is awesome as you can see, but no one is quite sure when and how Biskup will be releasing this little bad boy. We have heard that it won't be released in Japan so hopefully that means more for us! The other cool Gargamel figure is the new Mini Smoggon which Very limited and only released at this show. Gargamel will be producing more of the Mini Smoggon, thank goodness, but in different colors. I only hope that they would include those RAD translucent colors on the figures sold at this year's San Diego Comic Con!







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Author said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm heading to Tokyo on Friday, and hope to check out Gargamel and Thrash Out while I'm there. Are there any other toy stores that are your favortie?

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