Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Gargamel Previews at Super 7!!!


Isaac at Super 7 let us know that the following Gargamel figures will be dropping at the end of November. First up, we have the full color Mini Doragamel designed by Tim Biskup with the Gargamel doing the actual sculp. The first version was done in a special silver flake process and damn impossible to get. I'm actually not even sure it has been released! This full color sculp is more to my liking anyways and more importantly, available at the end of the month. My only request to Gargamel would be a series of this sculp in clear vinyls.

Next up we have the Mini Mightin in the special silver flake process described above. Silver flakes are mixed in with the clear vinyl to give it this really cool, translucent alien feeling...I love the eyes as well!


Lastly, we have a pink and green Hedoran brother. This i'm not too crazy about and left off my pre-order list. Partly because of it's larger size, but mostly because of the colorways. Not feeling the Christmas colors personally, but i'm sure it will still sell very well.


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