Monday, November 27, 2006

Secret Base Masked Ranger: Pumpkin Head Preview!!!


This week Secret Base released it's final "official" figure in their Masked Ranger Series: Pumpkin Head. I looked around my old photos cause I was going to give Secret Base a little teasing by mentioning something about how they are getting a lot of mileage out of this clear orange Pumpkin Head. Many Japanese vinyl collectors are a bit played out on the clear orange as we are still recovering from the All Clear Halloween set and the Oil-stained Fan Club set both included a clear orange Pumpkin Head. Upon further inspection,you can see the subtle differences in color in this Masked Ranger Pumpkin Head. Unless it's just the picture, the vinyl looks to be a lighter shade of orange as opposed to the near flourescent orange in the all clear Halloween set. Since I don't own the Fan Club version, it's hard for me to say, but I think the guys on Skullbrain were saying it's not necessarily the same figure with just black paint on it. So as we might think Secret Base took shortcuts on the Pumpkin Head for these three different offerings, I don't think they did.


The Pumpkin Head is the fifth Official figure in the Masked Ranger series which includes the Blue Skullbrain, the White Damaged Brain, the Red Bagman and the Green Barbarian. If you include all the SB figures with plushies inside, you can add the Pink Obake Ghost from SDCC and the Silver Alien Mantis. A picture has already been released of a Gold Alien Mantis in the works and there will also be a Ghost Fighter added to the mix. In fact, all of the Secret Base characters will eventually be done with a plushie. I guess this would include the Madball, another Skullbee, perhaps a Frankenghost? It might be too hopeful to include a Skullwing or Skull Pirate as that would need Pushead's approval, but keep hope alive!!







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