Sunday, November 26, 2006

Day in the Life of toybot studios!!


Thought you guys might get a kick out of a day in the life of toybot studios! It usually begins getting up, grabbing some coffee and then hitting the desktop for email, trying to get to the 8am commodity refresh on Mandarake, scanning any new listings in Yahoo! Japan Auctions and checking out the latest goin's on at Skullbrain. If my schedule permits, i'll usually stop by VinylPulse for the daily, but mostly western vinyl news. Then over to Kaiju Taro to see if anything new has been stocked. Reading this back, it must seem crazy to spend one's morning looking for Japanese toys. Of course, if you're reading this blog, you might understand. What you see above is repeated several times during the day (but usually on my Windows Smartphone) which allows me to browse the above websites pretty fast. I like to look like i'm very busy responding to important emails during meetings). I'm then off to work for the "man".



Hopefully when I get home, there is a package waiting for me. I might get 2-4 packages a week. If i'm really lucky, then I will get a box like this one from Celga Japan which has all of the stuff I "won" recently on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. This box was especially big and had maybe 25 pieces inside. This was a good day (although my wife was not very happy!)






Then since my wife is pissed at me for spending a ridiculous amount of money on toys, I will be banished downstairs to the "Studio" in toybot studios where I have a little set up for toy photography.




Also downstairs in another room is where some of the older collection is displayed. I'm going to have to buy a few more Detolf cases from Ikea to accommodate the recent purchases! If you check out the last picture, you can see on the bottom some early toybot studios toy photography!



So there it is. Welcome to toybot studios. Now get the fuck out! I gots to get back to Skullbrain and Yahoo! Japan Auctions!!!


Anonymous said...

Jeez, don't tell everyone about your secret toy sources! There won't be anything left at K-T for us. :)

toybot studios said...


well I figure if you're reading this blog, you already know about KT and YJA, etc.

won't matter...all the good stuff is already sold out on KT before it gets posted on KT...

Anonymous said...

K-T toys. got it. Muhu..muhuhahahaaawww!


Anonymous said...

BTW, nice set-up!

Anonymous said...

saaay...I just visited Kaiju Taro and I suddenly realized that I couldn't read Japanese. just curious: can you?

If so, that's pretty neat.


toybot studios said...

i'll let you in on another secret: there is a button on the top of the KT page which allows you to switch from Japanese to English!!

Anonymous said...

oh damn. Yeah, I saw it. I totally missed that one! THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have a ton of new toys I didn't see on my last visit.

Whenever I go to his house, my eyes would gaze on all of his toys and with this kiddy expression where my eyes would go bigger and somehow starts to get excited; couldn't explain and stop it for some reasons. I love looking at his collections because it has a lot of variety of action figures. Like those gwacka monsters.. before I was not really interested in it but when he introduced it, I start to like it. You are one persuasive uncle hahaha.

well I'll visit your site again some other time.

Take care!

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