Friday, November 03, 2006

New Skull Toys Mini Figures and EXOHEAD Collaboration


I just about pee'd in my pants when I saw that Skull Toys was putting out a set of mini figures! You know i'm all about the mini's!! Not only that, but he is doing a collaboration with another favorite toy, EXOHEAD. EXOHEAD is what started it all for me in Japanese vinyl. My first real Japanese "neo" Kaiju if you will. So now that we will have this amazing collaboration of a T-Rex skull head on top of an EXOHEAD figure, i'm all over it! Going on sale in Japan November 11th. There are reports that our hometown favorites at Super 7 will be getting these Skull Toys. I can only hope that they will also get the EXOHEAD!





I'm a big fan of EXOHead. His toys are amazing! Here's a few pics of my first EXOHead. I love the clear blue body, the pinks and gold shading on the helmet and glove are amazing. But it's the details that count in my book. The vinyl is extra think and if you look at his chest with the helmet off, you can see his little red robot heart! Also present are his mechanical innards! Simply amazing! The really amazing part is the helmet. You have to look closely, but the helmet actually has a naked woman's body embedded on the top! Her nice round butt faces front and it's as if she is in the fetal position protecting his head with her body and long, flowing hair... How would that go over with the women's rights groups? Having a helmet made out of a naked woman's body? Dunno...but still sexy...ooops...SEXIST!






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