Friday, November 03, 2006

Knuckebear Returns!!!! Touma Show at Mixi-Bang!!!


In a rare stateside show, Touma will be in old Pasadena on Saturday, November 4th for an exclusive show at the very hip galleryMixi-Bang.

He will have a few exclusive toys and artwork available as well. The big draw is Touma's incredibly popular Knucklebear. Back by popular demand in a fierce Glow in the Dark with imposing cross bones on his chest.



Another Touma and One-Up fan favorite will be an exclusve release of the Skuttle in rainy day clear blue but with a new sculp on the claws which showcase a more curved slashing appendage!

Anyways, what do you care?? You like neither one of these toys and will not be going to the show to buy them! ok, ok, go to the show, but just save me the toys! ;)

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