Tuesday, November 07, 2006

toybot studios Toy Vacation!!! Part III: LA Chinatown con'td


Downstairs from Empress Pavillion and Robocon is another toy store called Happy Land. This store is a bit old skool and carries all of your traditional mecha like your Gundam kits and what not. Not that many actual toys, but some great displays of toys and finished kits. It's this kind of stuff that I remember fondly as a kid staring at similar glass cases full of Japanese toys. I usually don't buy any toys here mainly cause I'm not into kits anymore. My guilty pleasure with Happy Land is the Hong Kong action flicks. I'll go by the counter and all the latest and greatest chop suey, hi wire kung fu DVD's will be there. If i'm in the mood for John Woo-style double fisted Hong Kong gangsta DVD's, they will be there too. Nothing beats a good ol' fashion Hong Kong action flick. Getting nostalgic now, my parents used to treat me as a kid to Run Run Shaw kung fu movies from the late 70's and early 80's on a school night! We would go to this really smokey, grimey theatre in Chinatown not too far away from Empress Pavillion and eat Shrimp Chips while watching Gordon Liu bust his ass in the "Shaolin 36 Chambers". Ahhhhh....Good Times....Good Times...









Jeff said...

Did you know that the owners of Happyland are the parents of Alan Wan? They do have some chogokin behind the register. I agree this is one of the three jewels of the Empress Plaza. Empress Pavillion, Happyland and Robocon. A trip there always ends in a full belly and an empty wallet! I used to like Neo Tokyo but they don't stock alot of newer stuff.

toybot studios said...


This I did not know! wow! Interesting...they have the Empress Pavillion toy conglomeration going on! Neo Tokyo is cool. I sometimes buy movies there. Not a lot of toys though.

Where else do you shop for toys in LA?

Anonymous said...

That DBZ case is off the hook !!!! Thanks for posting it! WoW just WOW!!!

toybot studios said...

wow, dude...glad you like the DBZ display. Never under estimate the power of DBZ!!!

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