Friday, November 03, 2006

New Gargamel Releases at Super 7!!


While you're at Super 7 getting the Bag Man, best pick up the latest releases from Gargamel including this crazy silver Hedoran 1st Brother. Gargamel is pioneering a new process by incorporating tiny aluminium flakes into the vinyl to give it this really interesting metallic look. The vinyl is clear, but appears silver until you hold it up the light. It looks as if the figure is filled with flowing, silver paint!

Also new is this bloody Wheelbarrow fight figure. Never really been into the Wheelbarrow sculp, but this bloody version is making me want to pick it up since it will go nicely with my bloody Gargamess fight figure. It's a bloody mess!


Lastly we have a clear blue mini figure on a chain that is similar to the Thrashman necklaces but this one has the Gargamel figure seen in the Smoking Corps duo. Pretty know you cannot go wrong with clear blue vinyl! It comes complete with a big Gargamel sticker to show your toy pride!


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