Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good Friends at Touma Mixi-Bang Show!!


Last Saturday I was blessed with incredible friendship and toy karma. It was Touma's return visit to Mixi-Bang near my hometown in Pasadena, CA. I found out that he was going to be releasing only 50 clear blue Alpha Skuttles at the show. I was frantic because I desparately wanted to add this piece to my growing Skuttle collection. The first clear blue release was sold out long, long ago and I have never seen one pop up in the secondary market on eBay or Yahoo Japan Auctions. I was thinking about driving down to LA the night before, but couldn't swing it. I almost called my mother to go to the show on my behalf, but in the end, decided to beg a couple of my high school buddies who have zero interest in toys and can't understand why I collect these "dolls" as they put it.


In an amazing act of friendship, they agreed to go and wait in line for four hours in a scummy alley way to get me a Skuttle and a GID Knucklebear signed by Touma himself! Thank You to Carl for what you did for me as well! Double Plus Toy Karma for you!

My buddy John and 1/2 of Daryl's head was captured by Jack from Vinyl Pulse. If you haven't already, check out the rest of the show at Vinyl Pulse. Good thing I wasn't there in person, or I would have dropped some serious cash on those custom Metallic Knucklebears and Mao Cats with those cool masks...

Of course my friends are now holding the toys hostage with constant threats of abuse and damage:

"helping out a buddy feed his insatiable addiction for plastic toys? maybe if he was on his death bed.

it's a good thing the skuttle is pliable. justin ripped the head of it right out of it's socket and he was able to shove it right back in. i think he did it 5 or 6 times already. the arms and shell require a little more effort but they eventually pop back into place. by the time you get it, all its moving parts will be broken in nicely.

the knuckle bear on the otherhand is not quite as forgiving...."


Thanks John, Daryl and Carl! Love you guys!!!

John took these pictures below as "Proof of Life" so to speak. Let the hostage negotiations begin....







Anonymous said...

Lucky guy. I tried to catch the blue Skuttle online, but it sold out in a flash.

toybot studios said...

I am a lucky guy! Hopefully this event didn't use up all my toy karma! I still need it for a couple of other releases coming up! Yeah, I was on the website well before 7pm refreshing every 30 seconds waiting for that shit to pop up. Supposedly only 5 were put online, but I think there was more. I'll keep my eyes open for ya. they are bound to pop up in a couple of weeks.

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