Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Votoms Goodness from Takara Tomy!!!


Takara Tomy continues to push the Votoms licensing envelope with a vast array of new Votoms toys!! Takara taking full advantage of the Tomy Microman line for two completely new Votoms figures following the critical acclaim of the Chirico and Ypsilon figure released earlier this year. In a completely awesome new set, we have the Ality character with his old-skool vintage motorcycle and side-car complete with sniper rifle. Due out in January 2008 for around $40. Then we have another Chirico with a weapons package including a bigger, meaner machine-gun and some kind of bazooka! Due out in January, 2008 for around $15.


Next up, we have new pictures of the 1/144 scale micro mini figure sets. You may have seen this earlier Post with some pretty bad scans of the set, but we now have much better shots. If you are familiar with Takara's Micro Machine toys here in the states, you know how small these little buggers are! Each figure or vehicle is no larger than a quarter. Highly detailed and highly anticipated release for January, 2007.






Lastly, The first new vehicle that caught my attention is the AG-EX Big Carry which is meant for the AG-EX 1/48 scale Votoms action figures. It comes with a Scopedog custom which is awesome, but is really meant for transporting a squad of Votoms like the Reeman Squad shown here. 1/48 scale seems small. They are around 4 inches tall. If you look at this carrier in relation to the Scopedog, this thing is huge! I would guess probably easily more than fourteen inches long! Hmmmmm, not sure I have the shelf space for that...but it would be cool to have it along with the Reeman squad in "down" mode. Order or pre-order them all from our friends at Hobby Link Japan




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