Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kotobukiya Layzner Action Figure Preview!!


Layzner seems to be everywhere. Based on an anime, toys based on the license seem to be popping up all over the place. The design is familiar, but slightly different and unique enough to make it stand out from the Gundams and Votoms of the universe. Kotobukiya is releasing a 1/72 scale action figure this december for about $50. It looks pretty good, highly detailed and maybe worth the purchase. It comes complete with the obligatory laser rifle, but also a Votoms-style Round Mover propulsion system on the back Plus a Gundam-style airplane wing set-up on his back. Pre-order it now from Hobby Link Japan



Megahouse "Palm Action" Mini Figure Review:


I first saw the Layzner design when this little "Palm Action" mini figure was coming out from Megahouse. I couldn't wait until it showed up. I have to say I was a little surprised at how tiny it is. I know it says "Palm" size, but I was expecting a figure that is similar in size to one of the Gundam Ultimate Operation figures. Something around 4-5 inches tall. This little fucker is lucky to break 3 inches! Don't get me wrong, I love mini figures, I just thought for $25, it was gonna be a bit bigger, that's all. It comes with a little stand to get it that "in-flight" posability which is cool I guess...But for my $$, I decided to cancel my pre-order on the next two figures in the series. Not big enough bang for the dollar.



I say let the Labbits have at 'em!




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