Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Megalons That Didn't Make It!!!


It was really cool when Super7 gave me a chance to do some photography for the current issue. They needed a "hero" shot of these Megalon figures. I was honored and happy to be given the assignment. This was an interesting photoshoot for me because I had never taken pictures of toys that didn't belong to me; toys that I don't collect. When I shoot my own stuff, I always focus on the aesthetic elements that attracted me to the toy in the first place. It could be the exhaust of the motorcyle or the weapon of a mecha or the translucency of the vinyl. In this case, I looked for visually interesting elements such as the weird hands or the insect wings on the back. Well, unfortunately none of these pics made it in the magazine. Super7 decided to go with an ultra rare "Hawaii" version of the Megalon that I didn't shoot. Oh, well, I still had fun playing with other people's toys for a few days! So these are the Megalons that didn't make it!









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