Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bwana's New Trick or Treat Steven the Bat at Super 7!!!


Bwana and Super 7 are about to drop a sick new Glow in the Dark Steven the Bat on Halloween!!! Check it out, he comes complete with a little ghost costume for Trick or Treating later in the evening!! This is the second full production Steven the Bat produced by Portland Artiste Bwana Spoons, CEO of Grass Hut Corporation. The first green Fig Belly Steven the Bat was rolled out for San Diego Comic Con this past July and I was lucky enough not only to snag one, but also get Bwana to sign it! He made him two headed! Very cool! There is supposed to be two more versions to come out including "Purple Nights" and the hard rocking "Black Metal" bats. hopefully they will, but sources close to Bwana say maybe not...This would be too bad as I would like to complete the quartet of bats, but just getting my grubby hands on this new GID version will satiate my vampiric desires for now...

Looks to go pretty quick on Halloween at Super7!!






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