Friday, October 06, 2006

New Exclusive Skullwings Released at Superfestival in Japan!!!


The new exclusive Gold Skullwings drop from Secret Base, Pushead and Astro Zombies this past weekend at Superfestival 40 in Japan.


No one is quite sure how many were produced, but suffice to say, not many. There are two versions. The regular version has a gold head with black trunks, but there is also a super rare chase variant with a clear yellow head and yellow gloves. Frustrated toy buyer LivingDead on Japanese vinyl toy board Skullbrain reports that he got up at 6:30am to get the chase variant but they literally sold out as he was in line. He surmises only 50 of the figures were made available. All the exclusive figures from Cronic and Real x Head also sold out within minutes apparently.



If you notice the pictures above, the first set are the two production figures in the bags. The chase variant has red eyes, clear yellow head and maroon trunks with yellow gloves. In the picture beneath which was shot by Datadub in Japan at Wonderfestival a month or so ago, you can see that the prototype chase looked much more like the normal version. I think because they were so similar, Astro Zombies and /or Secret Base decided to vary the colorway of the chase. I gotta say that I much prefer the prototype chase colorway compared to the production version...I'm not feeling the maroon trunks or yellow gloves. Having said that, it's not preventing me from spending an arm and a leg on it!

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, both versions of the Skullwing are fetching some pretty high prices on Yahoo! Japan Auctions right now. I personally have a bid in for the rare chase variant at close to $170!!! Retail on these things is only around $40!! Being addicted to Japanese vinyl is hard on the credit card...

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