Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thomas Han's Pushers Painted Prototypes!!!


Cruising through VinylPulse a few days ago, I came across these sick pics of Thomas Han's painted prototypes of his upcoming "Pusher" toys being produced by Munky King. These things are completely insane! I ran into Thomas at the "We Are All Mad" show at Gallery 1988 last weekend and asked him about his new toys. He said that there would be 200 in each colorway and there would be 4 or 5 colorways. They would similar to the painted prototypes. He mentioned they would be out hopefully in early 2007 and even a slight possibility of year end 2006!!



I first met Thomas at SDCC earlier this year with Patrick Lam of Munky King. I have to say that both of these dudes are sincere, genuine, down-to-earth guys. I grew up in LA near Chinatown and spent a lot of time in the plaza where the original Munky King is today. It's nice to see Chinese American artists like Thomas Han and Luke Chueh get into the toy business with the help of guys like Patrick Lam. Although I didn't grow up on the Eastside like Thomas, I hung out with a few guys that did, so here's a shout out to the boys from MPK!!



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