Thursday, October 19, 2006

toybot studios Gargamel Gallery!!


Some more random shots I took recently. I'm really digging Gargamel these days. One of the guys on Skullbrain posted a link to a page on the Gargamel website where you can download these color paper inserts that you cut out and put inside the figure! Totally cool and they have different versions for different Gargamel figures.





This next Gargamel figure was designed and painted by artist Bwana Spoons. Can you tell from the pics that he's stoned? From Bwana's website Grass Hut Corp:


My first ever toy exclusive is done. I teamed up with gargamel(my most favorite japanese toy company) to create Earth Restroyer. Earth Restroyer walks the land and sea pollenating the world with a special virus. If you get one, you win a special prize. Congratulations!!! Your body is now fresh compost and a palm tree sprouts out of your chest. Earth Restroyer is about 4.5" tall, trans rootbber brown, and comes with a special mini, mini hedoran ER giclee print. paper 4.25 x 5.75, image 3.75 x 5. Earth Restroyer comes bagged with a traditional header card. Only 80 made and the print is signed and numbered.




This last little guy isn't actually Gargamel, but a Secret Base figure called the Walder Skullbrain, named after the King Walder purple colorway. Highly sought, relatively rare, but they do pop up from time to time on Yahoo Japan. Because of the clear purple vinyl, I really wanted to get this guy. I lucked out!




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