Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Pic of Zeonography Kaempfer!!


Here's a new pic of the upcoming Zeonography Kaempfer!! I stole it from the Gunota Meister himself Danny Choo. Probably the best Zeon design IMO. This is the figure that I've been waiting at least a couple of years for! It's coming out in November for around $30 not including overseas shipping. If I were you, i'd pre-order it now just in time for the holidays!

Also from Danny are these groovesome pics of the Kaempfer in person at the recent Plamodel Radicon Show in Japan!! Notice the subtle differences in the two sets of armor. Zeonography and Fix Figuration feature interchangable parts to create different versions of the same mecha. Kaempfer probably has the most subtle differences that I have ever seen in a figure in this line-up. I'm not complaining cause both look really sharp, but it would have been cool to see something completely different on the variant.




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